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This valuable website is a must for every person seeking employment, new and better posts, and promotion. It covers all aspects: from finding out about vacancies, to completing application forms, writing letters of application, how to prepare for and act during interviews, taking tests, the trial period and induction, preparing for and applying for promotion, starting or taking over your own business (self-employment).

It also contains numerous ‘practical tips’ contributed by senior executives who have been involved in staff recruitment and selection, interviewing, training, and the selection of staff for promotion over many years. They know – and will teach you – what employers will be looking for in new employees and in those seeking promotion.

Today competition for jobs and promotion is fierce –

to get ahead of others and stand the best chances of securing the best jobs, every job-seeker needs the website.

The website will also contain many ‘specimen’ letters of application covering a variety of situations: applying for a first job, applying for a different job, applying for a new job, applying for promotion, etc. It provides considerable advice on constructing your own letters and what they should – and should not – contain.


To get the most out of this website, please read the posts in the correct order, as setup in the menu above. Here is the first post that you must read:

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