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M. Ibrahim Ramdianee:

Greetings my dear friend, thanks for dropping by. For the time being I’ll just give you a brief introduction of myself and some links so that you can know more about me.

Brief Introduction

Well, I humbly let you know that Ibrahim Ramdianee is a highly qualified and experienced Educator; with over 25 years experience in the Secondary, Vocational and Tertiary Education sector. The information I’m publishing here on this website are mainly from my knowledge and 10-year experience as Training Center Manager of nousibR Training center Ltd.

Furthermore, I have experiences in many other fields like Cooking, Swimming/Snorkeling/Scuba Diving/Life Saving, Sports in general, specially Wushu and Tai Chi, just to name a few. I’m also a preacher; theHumbleServant of my Lord.

  • When I help people I get a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, peace and tranquility; a feeling of achievement as well. This is the main reason why I have created this website (getjobyouwant). Since I’m emotionally connected with school leavers, I really want to help them get a job, the job of their dreams.

I have many other websites. The following are my two main domains for Affiliate Marketing.

Some other Links to know more about me

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