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Job ideas for retirees:

As I have been requested to give my advice to the retired people who are looking for a way to earn money so as to survive because their former job do not provide any retirement funds at all.

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So firstly, you can earn your living by working for your former employer, you can discuss with him about the options that are available for you to work even though it is part-time or pay less than usual.

There are also other options available such as:

1. Renting your space

If you have any extra room or space, you can rent them to other people so as to gain money and also at the same time the space is not being wasted. This is relatively simple to do as all that need to be done is to advertise the vacancy on a regional newspaper or even online if you want to, and this will be much cheaper.

2. Sell homemade products online

Do whatever you are best at for example making handmade hats, and sells them on the internet; on a website or also you can set up your own website and then sells your items.

3. Become an entrepreneur

For instance, if you are good at baking, you can open your own pastry shop selling homemade pastries. You can either set up the business online and deliver to your customers or you can rent or sells the pastries at your own house and thus having less cost to worry about. You can do this by setting up a stand in front of your house and sells the pastries to your locality.

4. Taking survey online

You can also make money online, you don’t have to leave your house and can do it at your ease sitting on your couch just by taking surveys online. Websites called survey sites will pay you for your opinions. You won’t make a ton of money but joining those websites is an easy way to earn extra money. All you have to do is sign up for a survey site and put in some information and then you’ll get emails with survey opportunities that fit your demographic. For most survey sites, you can cash out using paypal or redeem what you have earned via gift cards to major retailers.

5. Become a life coach

You can teach others about how life works. You can use your past experience and knowledge to motivate people, to teach them their importance, to explain to them how really life works and what they can do to become successful in what they do.

6. Become a babysitter

You can earn small sum of money everyday by taking care of others children while they are at work. In this way you can join the two ends together and survive and you don’t have to depend on others – financially speaking.

7. Online Business

Last but not least, you can setup your own online business. Online retail websites and social media ads are inexpensive ways for seniors to start e-commerce and market their goods and services. Even if you don’t have any products/services you can setup an online business and go for affiliate marketing.

There is only one way to accomplish anything and that is to go ahead and do it.

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Author: Saba Gohabur

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