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Write CV school leavers:

Hi everybody, for the last few weeks, my students who passed their Higher School Certificate are after me to write their CVs. So today I’m pleased to share a cv template that can be helpful for not only school leavers but anybody who up to now don’t have a proper cv. I wish you all the best and hope you get the job of your dream very soon.

The man that reaches the top is the determined, spirited, hard worker and never the fearful, hesitant, slow worker.

Curriculum  Vitae

Personal   Details

    Name                       :-   SURNAME Middlename Firstname

    Address                  :-  

    Date of Birth        :-  

    Gender                    :-  

    Nationality            :-  

    Marital Status     :-  

    Telephone               :-   (Home),  (Mobile)

    Email Address       :-  

Educational   Background

    Secondary  School(s)           :-

    Tertiary Instituition(s)       :-



 Examinations Year Qualifications Grade Institutions
SC SC Pass

Add more rows if necessary

Work   Experience (if any)

    Organisation 1 :-
Give some details about your duties and responsibilities.

    Organisation 2 :-

Hobbies and Special Interests

  • Hobby 1
  • Hobby 2
  • Hobby3 etc.

Social Media Accounts

(1) Facebook: account name (or link if CV softcopy to be used)

(2) LinkedIn: a linkedIn account is a must if you want to impress your potential employer; or show that you are serious and professional.

(3) Website: Your potential employer will definitely has a high opinion on you if you have your own website. Click here to create one now (It’s Free)


(1)                Mr./Mrs ………,

Title/Position of Referee no. 1,

Organization of Referee no. 1

Address of Referee no. 1

Phone no. of Referee no. 1

(2)                Referee No.2 details here

(Your teachers are your best referees; ask for their permission first)

A minimum of 2 referees is required. More than 3 is not recommended.

I again wish you all the best and hope that you get the job of your dream very soon

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