Medical Sales Representative Jobs

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Medical Sales Representative Jobs:

Sample Letter:

September 12, 2019

15, Thonburi Street


The Manager

Pattaya Medical Hall

39, Naravan Street


Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement for the position of a Medical Representative in today’s Bangkok Times, I would like to apply for this post.

I have seven years’ experience in this line as I have been selling drugs, medicines and other pharmaceutical products in the city and neighbouring areas. I have wide and lasting business contacts with chemists, druggists, doctors and medical practitioners here and in other towns. At present, I represent a reputed pharmaceutical company manufacturing tablets, capsules, syrups and many other vital medicines. I am satisfied with my work here, but feel that your company is offering me better financial and career opportunity, and therefore, I seek this change.

Mr. Sutha Koman, my Managing Director has gladly consented to provide reference for me. If you require, I would give further details about him and the company I am serving at present, at the time of interview. I shall be happy to provide you more references and information if you need.

It may also be mentioned that medical salesmanship is in my interest for I was initiated in this profession by my late father who himself was a well-known salesman of medicines and chemicals. In addition to my educational qualification and experience, I think my family tradition in medical salesmanship might further qualify me for this position.

The man that reaches the top is the determined, spirited, hard worker and never the fearful, hesitant, slow worker.

I am a science graduate with distinction in Chemistry. I have also done a course in medical salesmanship and advertising. I am 31 years of age and still a bachelor. I fully enjoy travelling as a salesman and have an aptitude for result-oriented jobs. There is a lot of professional drive, initiative and acumen in me which make me so eager to be affiliated with a firm like yours which can offer me a future matching my energies, ambition and skills.

I look forward to an early response and opportunity for an interview.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Toh

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